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JOHN 14:6 - Jesus answered, "I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me". HABAKKUK 2:1-2 - "I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved. And the Lord answered me, and said, WRITE THE VISION, AND MAKE IT PLAIN UPON THE TABLES, so that he may run that readeth it."


I share with the best of my ability, the vision that God has given to me and entrusted in my care. We are going out into all the world to preach the Gospel (Good News of Jesus Christ). We are going into the state prisons, federal institutions, county jails, juvenile detention centers, and homes for the elderly (Mark 16:15-18, Matthew 26:34-36.) A ministry that believes in evangelism will always be strong and viable. We are a training ministry.


A "Boot Camp" for the Army of the Living God. We will teach and train the soldiers of this army to effectively move out in the Spirit, fully prepared to go behind enemy lines at any time or under any condition. These soldiers SHALL NOT BREAK RANKS! The negative opinions of others will not affect them neither detour or detain their mission. The ministry will be like the "Mother Ship" from which many satellite ministries will be launched. They shall be financially supported by LGOM, fully equipped, and strongly man-powered.


This ministry will not only launch new ministries here in the United States of America, but will also extend its borders into the Third World Nations to assist the "Warriors" there to achieve the Will of God for their lives. This ministry will extend the LOVE OF GOD, in a personal way, to those persons who have suffered the harsh treatments and have been brutalized by the insensitive leaders of GOD'S FLOCK. We welcome those who are distressed, in debt, and discontented, no matter their nationality, race, color, or religion. We will restore new life and hope to them and teach them how to survive in this complex world with the assistance of the Holy Ghost. Our goal is to let every individual know that he/she was born for a purpose and with a plan in the mind of God for him or her.


The children, youth and young adults will be taught the pure, uncompromising Word of God and trained how to move in the spirit. Our teenagers will be "trend setters" not "trend followers" because they will know who they are, and whose they are. They will not yield to the peer pressures of the enemy.

They will not compromise their character or integrity for the acceptance of others.


LGOM will assist any/all individuals who are a part of this "FAMILY", financially, spiritually, and/or emotionally. However, we will not stop only to those who are in "the family" but extend our hands to others who have nowhere to turn for help. We shall express the love of God to all mankind (II Corinthians 8:15, Acts 4:32).


The ministry will have camps with cottages, chapels, dining rooms, playgrounds and other family activities where people will come from far and near. There will be a very minimum or no charge at all for food and lodging. Prostitutes, pimps, drug addicts, alcoholics, and mildly emotionally disturbed people will be drawn to this camp. Many will be set free from their bondage. Jobs will be created by the camp or found in the neighboring city/towns. Nursing homes for the elderly, a refuge for unwed mothers and abused men and women, havens for the homeless and an orphanage will be at this campsite.


Our motive is to rehabilitate, restore and reconcile the lives, hopes and dreams of these individuals. We are a ministry that will interact with other ministries to bridge the "gap" between races, denominations, and varied backgrounds and nationalities. We endeavor to be an instrument used by our Father to bring the "Body of Christ" into unity.


LGOM will have a fleet of buses, cars and vans for the purpose of traveling the streets of the United States of America and spreading the Gospel. We will have airplanes that will be able to take us to the ends of the earth, without having to deal with the irritating systems of the commercial airlines. We will have the availability to be in the precise place that the Father wants us to be at any given time.


This ministry will have a major University of higher learning that will teach and train men and women from all over the earth. This university will be fully accredited and the degrees and other documents earned by the students that graduate from there, will be greatly accepted by all nations.


We welcome you to come and share this vision with us. Come and be a part of the mighty work that God will bring to pass in Life Giving Outreach Ministries, Inc., and its affiliates. For there are many more to come and take shelter under our wings.




In His Love,


Henry A. Cleare, Pastor