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Tapes For The Heart Ministries is the teaching ministry of Pastor Henry A. and Beverly S. Cleare and other ministries of Life Giving Outreach Ministries. If you would like more information or a list of the tapes that are available, you may contact us at:


Life Giving Outreach Ministries, Inc.
Tapes For The Heart Ministries
Post Office Box 2686
Columbia, South Carolina 29202
Office (803) 786-0088 Fax: (803)7869900

         Wfmv gospel 95.3……Sundays at 9:45 am

Some 0f the Tapes Available are:
—Sample Sermon Download - Purpose and Predestination- Speaker: Apostle Henry A. Cleare[PLAY]

—Don’t Give Up ( 6 Tapes )
—What Are You Looking For ( 3 Tapes )
—Get A Grip On It ( 2Tapes )
—Keys To Pleasing God ( 6 Tapes )
—A New Beginning (4 Tapes )
—The Law Of Prosperity (2 Tapes )
— We Have Authority
—Sluggards ( 2 Tapes )

—God’s Desire For You ( 3 tapes )

—Prosperity For The Whole Man

—This Too Will Pass

—Tough Marriages


—You Have Authority

—The Purpose of Marriage & The Family ( 7 Tapes )

—Sowing And Reaping The Bible Way

—God’s Personal Attention (2 Tapes )

—When I Become A Man ( 2 Tapes )

—You Are Special To God

—God Is Greater Than That

—Shake Off The Snake

—Seed Time And Harvest

—Let’s Talk About Love

—Satan’s Battleground

—The Commitment of An Impact Player

—You Shall Not Be Consumed

—Dry Bones Can Live Again